Unlock Your Inner Wisdom & Guide Your Clients to Lasting Healing

Transform Your Practice and Empower Your Clients with The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ Certification

Are you a coach, counselor, healthcare provider, chaplain, or psychologist experiencing...

Repeated Client Narratives

Feeling stuck with clients’ stories that lack meaningful change?

Difficulty Resolving Core Issues

Struggling to uncover the root problem for profound healing in one session?

Lack of Forward Movement

Finding it challenging to offer lasting solutions, leaving clients without closure?

Burnout with Traditional Methods

Wanting to move beyond traditional methods to holistic approaches that truly work?

Confusion About Holistic Methods

Seeking a clear and effective mind-body-spirit approach?

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Introducing The Inner Counselor Process™

Embark on a journey of personal awakening and transformation. Align your clients with their empowered selves (instead of their shameful, afraid, traumatized or “younger” selves) and achieve lasting healing from various issues like trauma patterns, anxiety disorders, depression, compulsive patterns, generational issues, and so much more.


What Clients Are Saying

"Thank you so much for the fabulous work with the Inner Counselor process. I loved it and felt it was very effective (and fast). I’m so grateful for your amazing work and your beautiful heart and soul. You’re a blessing!"

Marci Shimoff - #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul.

“Training with Dr. Shannon and learning this approach has been the most powerful thing I have ever done for my business, my life and my clients.”


“My jaw has dropped hearing the spiritual advice that comes from the hearts of young teenagers whom I work with and I feel great joy when I help adults learn how to trust themselves to let go into the freedom of healing. The Inner Counselor Process™ heals deeply as we connect to our inner wisdom.”


"This process has been transformative for my clients! They gain deep insight, appreciation of themselves, and long-lasting wisdom they call upon to guide their lives in positive directions. I love being able to integrate the Inner Counselor meditation experience into my parent coaching work. They are loving it and I’m grateful to have this tool to help people heal old patterns and feel more confident and empowered to create the lives they want for themselves and their families."


“Since learning this Spiritual Psychology Process, I have been able to use it with a number of clients with complex trauma and childhood abuse. One client struggling with debilitating panic disorder especially benefited. She was able to trust the process since we have an established therapeutic rapport from several months of work together. She said she felt a strong sense of peace afterwards - I had never seen her like that. She was laughing, more fully in her personality and body, and truly calm. I hadn't even seen her sit in her seat comfortably until after this! It was amazing!”


Uplevel and Ignite Your Expertise with ICP™

Step into your transformative journey with the Inner Counselor Process™. 

Your mastery path awaits, offering essential tools for holistic healing and personal growth. These curated set of skills are your key to navigating complex issues, facilitating profound transformations, and building meaningful connections in your professional network:

Mastery of Spiritual Psychology Fundamentals:

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of spiritual psychology principles for immediate practical application. Gain expertise in navigating trauma, family patterns, and multidimensional issues using the Inner Counselor Process™.

Root Problem Resolution Strategy & Integration of Shadow Aspects:

Learn to guide clients through pivotal questions, uncovering core issues for transformative sessions. Equip yourself with strategies to assist clients in integrating shadow aspects and coping patterns effectively.

Direct Healing Approach:

Develop the ability to address core client issues effectively, facilitating lasting transformations in one session. Find out how to guide your client beyond their pain pattern and connect them with their highest Self each session.


Comprehensive Training and Resource Access:

Access intensive workshops, supervised practice, and advanced courses, alongside manuals and guides for ongoing professional development. Engage in six months of monthly advanced topic courses, ensuring ongoing practice and growth in implementing the Inner Counselor Process™.


CEUs and Convenient Online Format:

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in an online format, streamlining the certification process for your convenience.

“It’s your relationship to what is, not what is, that is the problem and the solution. When you heal the inner battles, the outer world follows. This is your ticket to freedom and the Inner Counselor Process™ takes you there.” 

– Dr. Shannon South

A transformative journey for professionals seeking to revolutionize their practice and empower clients for profound healing.

Join me on this path of awakening and professional growth!

The Inner Counselor Process™ Certification Provides Multiple Benefits:

Professional Qualification:

Validate your expertise in holistic counseling, supporting individuals in mind, body, and spirit healing. The Inner Counselor Process (ICP)™ ensures comprehensive well-being, addressing all facets of your clients for profound emotional and psychological healing. It’s a holistic approach that leaves no aspect of your client’s being untouched.

Career Opportunities:

Open doors to diverse career paths in counseling, therapy, or related fields, expanding possibilities in schools, healthcare, or private practice.

Exposure and Referrals:

Gain recognition as a Certified Inner Counselor Practitioner (ICP), amplifying your visibility on our website for client referrals. Additionally, you’ll be recommended through the NC chapter of ACEP for those seeking Energy Psychology modalities.

Personal Growth:

Experience transformative personal growth and powerful advances in self-actualization, which is defined as embodying your fullest potential, during the training and certification process. Elevate emotional intelligence, achieving deeper healing and integration, embodying the qualities of self-love, trust, joy, peace, and love consciousness.

Trust and Credibility:

Build client trust through certification, showcasing your adherence to specific educational and ethical standards in energy psychology and healing practices.


Become part of a certified community, accessing networking, mentorship, and support from seasoned professionals in the field.

Enhanced Counseling Skills:

Develop an array of counseling skills empowering clients to access their inner healer and whole self for continuous growth and spiritual awakening. Learn to guide clients to align with their Higher Self in each session, an invaluable skill.

Greater Earning Potential:

Certification often leads to increased earning potential within the counseling field, reflecting your expanded expertise and credibility.

About Dr. Shannon South

Dr. Shannon D. South, known as the ‘Joy Doctor,’ is an esteemed therapist, Amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. With over 25 years of expertise in spirituality and trauma healing, she passionately guides individuals toward innate wholeness and enduring joy. Shannon’s own awakening during meditation in 1994 permanently healed her from anxiety, panic attacks and depression, igniting her mission to assist thousands in reconnecting with their loving, abundant, and joyful selves.

As the founder of the Inner Counselor Process Certification Program™, the Soul Shine at-home healing program, and the ‘Grow Your Business by Growing You’ book and program, Shannon empowers spiritually-minded entrepreneurs globally. Her recent book, ‘Grow Your Business by Growing You: The spiritual entrepreneur’s guide to maximum joy, abundance, and success,’ serves as a roadmap to this unique, transformative process. She also trains clinicians in implementing The Inner Counselor Process™ for profound and lasting  client healing.

An internationally sought-after trainer and coach, Shannon specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome barriers to abundance, joy, and success. Her immersion in spiritual psychology, decades of meditation and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) inform all of her healing model. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in dancing, immersing herself in nature, training and teaching, enjoying her family and engaging in spirited volleyball matches.