What is The Inner Couselor Process™?

This Certification Program features advanced spiritual psychology and energy medicine skills, based on concepts from the Inner Counselor Process™  to help clients heal from traumatic experiences. 

It is a transformational approach, designed to move clients beyond their stories to experience a greater sense of joy and wholeness through a unique process of personality integration. The Inner Counselor Process™ expands on the work of psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, Carl Gustav Jung, and William James. The techniques target both spiritual and psychological dimensions to assist clients in changing their automatic response patterns. As a clinician or coach, this certification program will provide you with spiritual and Soul tools to help your clients get to the root of their suffering, become more self-actualized, and optimize their sense of joy in everyday life.  
The Inner Counselor Process has evolved over the last 40 years to become a highly effective approach for self-directed, ongoing personal and spiritual healing and growth.  

The Inner Counselor Process™ has three essential components:


A clear conceptual framework.


A guided Self-Awareness Process.


A method that integrates these two components to create powerful and lasting transformations in body, mind, emotions, and spirit

The Inner Counselor is a progressive, whole systems approach to self-healing and integration that includes a clearly outlined Integration Chart and a 15-step guided Self-awareness Process (ICPTM).

The brief, dynamic ICP  may be used by professionals as a symptoms-oriented clinical intervention or by individuals seeking ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

The ICP quickly and effectively resolves trauma as well as resolving more common, less traumatic dysfunctional coping patterns.

The core of this system is a connection with one’s “Inner Wisdom.” This connection supports the perennial spiritual philosophy that the true “healer” lies within each of us.

What makes the Inner Counselor Process different than other healing modalities:

About Dr. Shannon South

Dr. Shannon D. South, known as the ‘Joy Doctor,’ is an esteemed therapist, Amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. With over 25 years of expertise in spirituality and trauma healing, she passionately guides individuals toward innate wholeness and enduring joy. Shannon’s own awakening during meditation in 1994 permanently healed her from anxiety, panic attacks and depression, igniting her mission to assist thousands in reconnecting with their loving, abundant, and joyful selves.

As the founder of the Inner Counselor Process Certification Program™, the Soul Shine at-home healing program, and the ‘Grow Your Business by Growing You’ book and program, Shannon empowers spiritually-minded entrepreneurs globally. Her recent book, ‘Grow Your Business by Growing You: The spiritual entrepreneur’s guide to maximum joy, abundance, and success,’ serves as a roadmap to this unique, transformative process. She also trains clinicians in implementing The Inner Counselor Process™ for profound and lasting  client healing.

An internationally sought-after trainer and coach, Shannon specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome barriers to abundance, joy, and success. Her immersion in spiritual psychology, decades of meditation and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) inform all of her healing model. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in dancing, immersing herself in nature, training and teaching, enjoying her family and engaging in spirited volleyball matches.